Alliance For Third Party Administrators – ATPA


The ATPA is a cooperative of sorts – a symbiotic relationship of members who agree to cooperate in servicing each others clients on a national basis.


The  ATPA was formed when Quest and LabCorp decided to drop breath alcohol testing which severely impacted TPAs ability to service our clients testing needs as defined by the Department of Transportation (DOT).


In addition, a few TPAs started charging excessive rates for what amounts to a 10 minute process – a urine collection.


By banding together, TPAs have enhanced their ability to serve and keep costs under control.


Send Jim Proctor an email at requesting a membership agreement.


Fax it back and he will place you on the ATPA BLOG site where your fellow members will contact you when they need assistance.


There are over 300 ATPA members in nearly every state.



Visit the ATPA blog (the link is to your left)

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Jim Proctor, President
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