How To – Directly Observed Collection (Collector)

  • 40.67 Collector – When and How is a Directly Observed Urine Specimen Collection Conducted? 

 (a) As a collector, if:

(1) You are directed by the DER; or

(2) You observed an attempt to tamper or; 

(3) Temperature on the original specimen was out of range; or

(4) The original specimen appeared to have been tampered with.

(b) As the collector, you must explain to the employee the reason, 

(c) Collector must complete a new CCF for the directly observed collection.

(d) In a case where two sets of specimens are being sent to the laboratory because of suspected tampering with the specimen at the collection site, Collector must enter on the “Remarks” line of the CCF (Step 2) for each specimen a notation to this effect and the specimen ID number of the other specimen. 

 (e) Collector ensures that the observer is the same gender

 (f) As the collector, if someone else is to observe the collection (e.g., in order to ensure a same gender observer), you must verbally instruct that person to follow procedures at paragraphs (i) and (j) of this section. 

 (g) As the observer, you must request the employee to raise his or her shirt, blouse, or dress/skirt, as appropriate, above the waist; and lower clothing and underpants to show you, by turning around, that they do not have a prosthetic device. 

 (h) As the observer, you are to watch the urine go from the employee’s body into the collection container. 

 (i) As the observer but not the collector, you must not take the collection container from the employee, but you must observe the specimen as the employee takes it to the collector. 

 (j) As the collector, you must include the observer’s name in the “Remarks” line of the CCF (Step 2). 

 (k) As the employee, if you decline to allow a directly observed collection required or permitted under this section to occur, this is a refusal to test. 

 (l) As the collector, when you learn that a directly observed collection should have been collected but was not, you must inform the employer that it must direct the employee to have an immediate recollection under direct observation.


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