TCM – Collection Site Integrity Review

Collection Site Integrity

§ 40.43 What steps must operators of collection sites take to protect the security and integrity of urine collections?

Collectors and operators of collection sites must take the steps outlined in the form provided by Health Enhancement. This form will help prevent unauthorized access to collection sites that could compromise the integrity of collections.

DOT can maintains that the Employer is responsible for the performance of its subcontractors. In that capacity, Employers may use the following form to document the business practices of the Collection Site as they relate to Part 40 requirements.

See also: §40.41   Where does a urine collection for a DOT drug test take place? §40.43—Steps to prepare and secure collection sites. § 40.61 What are the preliminary steps in the collection process? § 40.67 When and how is a directly observed collection conducted?

Health Enhancement will send this form to the Collection Site at the Employer’s request.  Employer will receive and copy of the Collection Site’s response.

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