Testing Program Management Forms

The following buttons contain links that will take you to the event management form or to compliance instructions.

We have simplified DOT Part 40 Compliance for our clients who self-manage DOT compliance. For companies who wish to delegate DOT Part 40 compliance, see our companion web site at http://www.dotpart40compliancemanagement.com.

Complete the event management form in this section and “Submit”  – the Submit Button may be found at the end of each form. If you filled in the email address, you can also send a copy to yourself). Health Enhancement (HEC) will be sent a copy when you “Submit” the form. If you are a Total Compliance Management (TCM) client, HEC will take responsibility for review, followup and documentation. The following instruction forms may be used to direct your service agent in the event you discover the need for clarification and instruction.  Employers, according to DOT Part 40, are responsible for the performance of their service agents. Since you are responsible, its good to know what you are responsible for. In that case, the following forms are provided so that you can more easily know what you are responsible for and maintain compliance.

You have two options regarding the use of these forms:

Option One – You can sign up for Total Compliance Management (TCM). If you do, we will help you manage compliance.

Opion Two – You can manage your own compliance. Realy depends on how much time you want to invest in this process. You are responsible for your own compliance either way and the TCM forms make it easy. The DOT just wants to know that you did or attempted to do the right thing. Using the TCM forms, you can demonstrate this when you are audited.


Collector Qualification Check

Cancelled Alcohol Test Management

Random Pool Management

New Employee Records Check

Reporting Drug Testing Problems

Reporting Alcohol Testing Problems

Cancelled Alcohol Test Management

DOT Audit Checklist

Post Accident Test Reporting

Reasonable Suspicion TestingEmployer Record KeepingPositive Test Result Actions

Collection Site Integrity ReviewInitial Steps – Urine Collection

Urine Collection – Step Two

Urine Collection – Before Void

Directly Observed Urine Collection – Employer

Directly Observed Urine Collection – Collector

Monitored Collections

Specimen Preparation

Specimen Collection Completion

Delegating Compliance

Total Compliance Management

Compliance Delegation Cost Benefit