MRO Services

The National Academy of Sciences and the ACLU Agree:

“It cannot be overemphasized that without confirmatory testing and careful medical review, treating the results of urine [oral fluid or hair] screening as evidence of drug use is unacceptable and scientifically indefensible”


Medical Review Officer (MRO) SERVICES

MRO Services are offered to Employers, TPA’s, Clinics, Collection Sites, Consortiums, Substance Abuse Counselors (SAP’s), Labs, EAP’s, Hospitals andothers interested in responsive, accurate, and economical MRO Services.


MRO Responsibilities

The role of the medical review officer, a licensed health professional, shall be to review and interpret confirmed positive test results and to provideadministrative review of negative test results.


MRO Services Include

 Report confirmed negative test results.

 Confirm positive test results.

 Review chain of custody (COC) form and collection process. Take appropriate action in the event irregularities are found.

 Maintain confidentiality and disclose information only as permitted or required by law or in circumstances where non-disclosure presents a risk to the individual or others.

 Confirm positive test results through donor interviews and other activities necessary for complete verification.

 Provide for sole custody of an individual’s test result and maintain all records for a minimum of five years for verified positive results and one year for negative or canceled results.


 MRO Service Procedures

​Client provides for the collection and transport of specimen to SAMHSA certified lab capable of electronically downloading test results to HEC’s, computer systems. Most SAMHSA labs have this capability – list provided on request.

HEC processes and reports results as required by law and in accordance with procedures established with the client.

Negative results are typically reported the next business day after collection

Confirmed positive results may take 3-4 days after collections.


 HEC MRO Service Benefits

Employers may select their own collection site and processing lab. Collection sites can focus on collections and clinics can focus on medical care.

Our clients save most of the expense associated with the MRO process. HEC usually provides these services for much less.

HEC’s highly efficient processing systems can provide a more responsive and accurate service to employers during a time when staffing decisions are directly dependent or drug screening results.

Third party management and more accurate processing and reporting of drug test results will mean fewer law suits, happier employers, and donors who feel they have been treated fairly and with dignity.

Test results can be transmitted electronically by fax, modem, Internet (Email), or download directly to employer information systems enhancing accuracy and confidentiality, and saving the time and expense associated with redundant printing and the use of traditional data entry, communications, and document delivery systems.

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